1. Product: Our garments are manufactured using the highest quality materials available. We use the latest designs, paying attention to detail and following the current international trends, we adapt our styles to the requirements of the particular market.

2. Designs: Shiri S.A. sells its own designs, either from stock or by forward order. We are also able to manufacture our clients' own exclusive designs.

3. Orders:

Stock: For immediate delivery or as required by the client.

Made to order: Delivery time is 90 days. Minimum order is 3000 garments. Orders exceeding 30,000 garments will have their delivery especially programmed.

4.Prices: Our quotations are based on FOB Buenos Aires, Argentina.

5. Production: Our maximum production is 60,000 garments per month. 40% is sold in the local market and 60% is for export.

Please contact our Sales Department should you require further information.

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