about us

Shiri S.A. is a company fully dedicated to the production of beachwear and clothing for aerobics. It only utilise materials containing Lycra®.


The main lines in the collections comprise swimsuits, bikinis, shorts, wraps and beach robes.

The different collections are designed for babies, girls, teenagers, younger and mature women and also for special sizes.

The principal brands are: Mare Moda, Agua con Gas, Sea Star, Kosta and Zeta Cero.

Agua Con Gas - Trajes de Baño / Mallas               Mare Moda - Trajes de Baño / Mallas

Shiri S.A. aims to produce new designs continuously and to maintain their excellent quality.

Shiri S.A.'s work ethic consists of providing an exclusive and personal service to their clients.

Nuestra Empresa

We have occupied an important position in the Argentinian home market since 1974. We began working in the international market in 1991. To-day Shiri S.A. sells its products to 11 Latin American countries and England.

We are now planning to expand into the USA and Continental European markets.

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